Telephone number: 08452865275


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Number of ratings:9×
Latest rating:Jun 12, 2013
Number of times viewed:1,426×
Last viewed:Jan 14, 2015

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Number of ratings:
Latest rating:Jun 12, 2013

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Comments on the number 08452865275

Jun 12, 2013Nuisanceconstant calls
Jun 11, 2013UnsafeNuisance,unknown
Jun 10, 2013Neutral"This number called you but left no message"
Jun 06, 2013NuisanceNo answer just clicked off If I had a pound for each of these I'd be rich.
Jun 03, 2013Nuisance08452865275 and 08452865279 are frequent callers. I do not respond but they are certainly a nuisance. Even when I am abroad. Cannot trace their alternative landline number.
Jun 03, 2013NuisanceRang my mobile; didn't pickup. They didn't leave a message. PPI scammers.
May 30, 2013Nuisancecalled but left no message
May 30, 2013NuisanceRang my mobile. Did not pickup. They didn't leave a message.
May 29, 2013NuisanceCalls to my mobile and my wife's mobile - rings off after 3 rings and leaves the above number to call back - do not know the caller.

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