Telephone number: 01792905156


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May 13, 2014NuisanceHi, my name is Timmy Chapple and I am a Director of McCaskill & Morse. I would say I'm sorry for hassling all you lovely people but the truth is, I ain't sorry at all. So feel free to hassle me at my house, after all - an eye for an eye and a irritating phone call for an irritating phone call. Why not ring me at midnight or say 3am in the morning to be really irritating. My number is 01869 331626 or send pizza, taxi's and junk mail about Viagra to my house, the address is 62 St Johns Road, Tackley, Kidlington Oxon OX5 3AR. WHY GET MAD WHEN YOU CAN GET EVEN!
Mar 27, 2014Nuisancecalled me again 2 days running, have reported to ICO
Mar 26, 2014NuisanceLife insurance sales in Swansea - called even though number registered with TPS
Mar 14, 2014NeutralThey call me but I don't know the reason ...I ask for an @....but I never receive.... How they are?